Art inspired by the passage of time - the quick and fleeting moments that fast turn into blurred images, hopelessly bending in the mind and unable to be experienced wholly a second time.

Looking at photos while I paint, I use a combination of fast and slow brush strokes to mimic both the fast movement of time and our attempts at slowing it down.  The tension between structure and chaos in our human lives is a main catalyst to my art and I hope to encourage others to live each moment remembering that we can only control our own actions.

a little more about me.

I have an Associate's degree in Creative Arts from Mission College and I am currently working toward a Bachelor's degree in Design Studies.

I've learned that change is constant, and for good reason.  Growth can't happen without yucky or uncomfortable situations and you can't move forward while you're stuck on yesterday or worried about tomorrow.  The greatest gift you can give yourself is your awareness on the now, this very second, because life isn't just about the exciting moments.  It's also about the sad ones, and the confusing ones, the ones that turn your stomach upside down, that push you forward or push you down, forcing you to work hard to get back up.  Life isn't always easy and if it was, we wouldn't learn anything new.

It's not about where you end up, it's about how you get there and which ways you choose to go.  Life is made up of the choices we make, and each day is important.

How will you choose to move forward?