Winery Brand System


Brief :

Selene — a California Wine Company — has no online presence, restricting opportunities to gain new customers and to expand the company’s brand recognition. They are also lacking a solidified brand identity, this makes consistent marketing difficult.

Create a responsive website that: functions both on a desktop and mobile device so that more customers can be reached, is easily updated to keep content fresh and relevant, and allows the users to become more engaged with the company culture. Create and design a brand style that connects to the company’s bottom line.


Branding :

Selene is a California Wine Company that was made inspired by the Goddess of the Moon, Selene.

Sepia toned photos, gold and moon textures, and the crescent shape all inspired the final branding concept.


Style Sheet :

Pale shades of gray and gold speak to the old fashioned and romanesque qualities of the brand.

Wanting to keep a sophisticated brand image, I chose a palette of only three colors, and used the ancient romanesque inspired typeface, “Herculanum” for the logo. Serif fonts are used for the major headings and body copy.