artist statement

The partnership of structure and chaos runs through each of my artworks both aesthetically and ideologically, however the manner in which this theme is explored varies from different mediums, to subject matter, to creation process. The unpredictable and yet systematic organization of human life is a process of creation that is overflowing with meticulous perfection and also wild spontaneity; I like to look deeply at these two things separately and concurrently.

Merging two distinctively different medias like paint and thread help to mimic the distinctively different points of view. Thread, while solid in form, allows for both organic and highly thought out structured movement. Paint begins as a liquid moving into tiny spaces very organically, then solidifies to its surface. A photo, while dependent on the technology of the camera, is an exact replica or copy of a 2 dimensional vision, from one point of view, captured in a split second. A painting, while dependent on the human hand, is made over periods of time, with different tools and the decisiveness of the artist.

Every subject matter whether human, object, or landscape, is in a state of transition. The cycle of life is both a fixed and an unpredictable system. There's no way in knowing what will happen from one day to the next but there's still some certainty in knowing that the sun will rise every day. By exploring these contrasting themes in my art it is my hope to appreciate both structure and chaos.



As a kid, I grew up incredibly shy and spent so much of my time quietly observing others.  I also loved to draw and craft things and figure out different uses for recycled objects.  I was a sensitive and quiet kid in my own little creative world.  If I had an idea about something, I would quietly and methodically figure out a way to bring it to life.  I just always had this need to share my ideas visually.

When I was 19, I had a son and I was a single mom.  I took a break from school to focus on my son and try to catch my balance after this amazing shift in my life.  I also used my spare time to read about philosophy, spirituality, and I taught myself to paint.  As my son got older, I slowly went back to school, taking one or two classes a semester for a couple years in the things that interested me.

Growing up, I also spent a significant amount of time contemplating life and the purpose of living. This kind of thinking came from the fact that when I was 5, my uncle was in a tragic car accident that left him severely brain damaged and disabled. He can't walk or talk, he eats through a feeding tube, and he doesn't really live life... My grandparents take care of him every day and every time I see him I have to remind him who I am.

While this thing happened, my grandma continues to tell me to accept it and live life, so as horrible as it is, that's all there is to do.

I received my Associate's degree in Creative Arts from Mission College, and I will receive my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from SJSU in August 2018. I'm just a human that loves art and design. I hope to create things that make people think about their lives and the choices they make. Thank you for visiting!


curriculum vitae


BA Design Studies *Focus in Graphic Design - SJSU, San Jose, CA (2016 - 2018)

AA Creative Arts - Mission and West Valley College, Santa Clara, CA (2009 - 2016)


Silicon Valley Open Studios - Drawn2Art, Los Altos, CA. May 5, & May 6, 2018.

Local Artist Solo Show - Mountain View General Store, Mountain View, CA. July 2015.

Live Painting Performance on stage with Rebelution Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA. June 2014.