Framing the Embroideries.


Materials Needed:

  • Embroidery to be framed
  • Selected frame
  • Plain white matte board, cut to size -- this can be done at any local craft store that carries framing accessories
  • Foam core board, cut to size -- you can do this with an x-acto knife at home



Don't know how to show off those rectangular embroideries?

Figuring out how to frame an embroidery was a little tricky. Embroidery hoops are perfect for framing because there's a tightening mechanism built in to avoid the loosey goosey areas that make ripples and create unwanted shadows. Just pop the embroidery in the hoop, make sure the fabric is taut, adhere the excess fabric to the back and boom. Done. Easy right?

Well if you're looking to widen your selection of framable objects, you can add embroideries to your list today.

Very briefly with pictures, I'll demonstrate the basic idea of framing an embroidery inside of a rectangular frame.


This is what you're putting in the frame.


Matte Board, embroidery fabric, and foam core board.


These are 0.75" stainless steel pins.


Pull the fabric over taut with artwork centered, and slide pins into the foam core board at a slight angle.


Pins go in spaced every inch around the back. You should see the little head of the pin peeking out the top just slightly.


After all the pins have been placed, replace the back of the frame and you're ready to hang!


Let me know if you try it!