Being classically trained in fine arts, Jordan was an art teacher for kids aged 4 through adult for 5 years. In those years, Jordan spent her free time creating art pieces using mostly acrylic. Her art pieces focus on being in the present moment, appreciating each brush stroke for its flaws and imperfections. You can see the trust in each brush stroke as it has been placed on the canvas and is left alone.

To see a larger breadth of her acrylic paintings, click below.


Painting large pieces became a logistical struggle for Jordan, and so she decided to explore the world of embroidery. Her pieces have been described as “magical” and “soothing” as they uniquely combine both acrylic paint and embroidery floss. From time to time, she’s will capture a photo from her travels and will be inspired to create a one of a kind piece.

To see more of her embroidery work, click below.