These paintings are a series of impressionist acrylic paintings I made from family photos. I continue adding to the series every once in a while whenever I feel the need to remind myself of the impermanence of life. I find that while we busily try to reach our goals and ideas of success in life that we end up missing life along the way. Life just sort of slips through our vision and we're left wishing we could go back; wishing that we had spent more time being fully present, to experience it just a little longer.

The paintings in this series are of brief moments in time that may be quickly forgotten or easily taken for granted. They are painted with layers of quick and blurry brush strokes, made to mimic the fast paced blur of life. The original paintings are not for sale, however prints have been made if you'd like to hang these precious moments in your own home.

More paintings will be added to this series periodically.

*Limited stock available.