I get the references for my embroideries either from photos I have taken on my sight seeing trips, or they are inspired by the colors in nature that I see around me. I find that a burst of color on a tree or a symbiotic relationship between the land and architecture will bring me a sense of ease and peace and so I try to capture that.

I plan out each embroidery through a process of reduction; I conceptually reduce the scenes to their basic core of colors, forms, values, and textures in order to capture the initial moment of perception. I have always been interested in psychology and how our brains work; when I learned about cognition in school and the ways that we perceive the world around us, I found it interesting that everything is basically just blobs of colors and shapes. We perceive the edges of things and separate them into categories and learn to interpret depth and space. I think how our brains process visual information is absolutely amazing.

These embroideries are unique in that they incorporate the element of painting along with the stitching. Within paint, you have a natural ability to be fluid and allow organic movement with brush strokes. Stitching is much different, you can plan and plot out, and structure things in a specific way. I see paint and thread a lot like I see life. Chaotic and structured or crazy and organized. With each embroidery I try to have an appreciation for both perfection and slight disorder.

*One of a kind series, limited stock available.